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With the numbers of websites increasing day by day, it is important that good and reliable web hosting companies also come up so that the websites are hosted properly with minimum error. LunarPages is one such web hosting company that offers great services to the clients and customers globally but at quite affordable rates. Problems come up with each web hosting company, but the way the problem is tackled and solved separates a good web hosting company from an ordinary one. When compared to many web hosting companies, LunarPages has excelled in many fields and made a place for itself among the best web hosting companies.

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User friendly with great website creation tools

LunarPages provides some site creation tools with which one can customize one’s website to a blog. Not only that, with the help of the various tools, one can also create an image gallery or make a guestbook within the website easily. This proves to be very useful for the beginners of website creation. With these tools, they can experiment with various things on the website. The services that are offered by LunarPages related to hosting and servers are user friendly. Most of the processes are easily understandable. However, one can always contact the HelpDesk in case there is any problem in understanding anything.

Server access and marketing tools

Marketing tools are always important for any kinds of business and when it is business via the web, having string marketing tools is absolutely mandatory. At LunarPages, clients are provided with vouchers for Google AdWords or for Facebook Ads.

For server access facilities by LunarPages, it depends on the plans that the client opts. If the client has chosen the Starter Plan, he will just get access to a single FTP account; but when the client upgrades the plan to a Basic Hosting Plan, the access goes to unlimited numbers of accounts. SSH access is also provided at Lunar Pages.

HelpDesk and Customer Support Services

This is definitely one area where LunarPages excels over many web hosting companies in the world. There is a toll-free number at which the company can be contacted at any time of the day. The number can be obtained from the website of LunarPages. Excellent customer support via telephone is provided to clients globally. Clients can also shoot e-mails to the customer support id 24×7. The company also has its forum, where various problems are discussed and their solutions provided.

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